Professional Development

Creating dynamic professional development for school administrators, teachers, and trustees 

Through committee work, surveys, and conversations with leaders in teaching and administration, VAIS develops a strong, relevant program of conferences, workshops, and online learning opportunities.The VAIS Professional Development Advisory Commission (PDAC) is the main driver for the Leading Learning Conference (LLC) and thematic efforts throughout the school year. In addition to PDAC, VAIS has a number of working committees that converse, develop, and plan specific programming, i.e., the Business Officers Planning Committee. These committees are mindful of crafting programs of high quality, as well as high value. 

As part of its accreditation process, VAIS requires that its member schools have a functioning program for continuing professional development.  Not only will this benefit the educators but ultimately the well-being and sustainability of the school.


VAIS Programs Cancellation Policy

All registrations are considered binding and must follow the cancellation policy stated below.

If a registered participant is unable to attend a conference or workshop, a substitute may attend in place of the original registrant (with some exceptions). Please contact the VAIS Office with any substitution(s).

Cancellations and refund requests must be by email ONLY to [email protected]. If the person requesting a refund does not receive a confirmation of receipt within three business days, please contact Joan Fargis directly at (804) 282-3592 x301. Cancellation refund requests will be honored up to the "Registration/Refund Deadline Date" stated for each program. Please note that an administrative fee will be imposed as indicated below.

Requests for refunds will not be accepted past the Registration/Refund Deadline Date.

Workshop Fees: Administrative Fee:
$100 or less $25
$101-$250 $50
$251-$500 $75
$500-$1000 $100
Over $1000 10% of program cost

VAIS Programs Inclement Weather Guidelines*

VAIS advises registrants to use their best judgment when traveling to any VAIS program.

In case of inclement weather either on a single-day VAIS workshop or on the first day of a multi-day VAIS program:

If the speaker has been able to travel to the program location, the program will be held as planned. If a registrant is uncomfortable with traveling and chooses not to attend the program, then it is the registrant's responsibility to identify a replacement. No refunds will be issued.
If the speaker is unable to present for the program, VAIS will take the following steps to inform participants of the postponement and/or cancellation of the program: 
  • An announcement will be posted on the event page for the program (page where you registered) as early as 5:00 AM the morning of the program.
  • If VAIS learns a day or more in advance of the program that the speaker is unable to present, VAIS will contact registrants immediately by email. 

*The above guidelines do not apply to the VAIS Annual Conference nor to the VAIS Heads of School Conference. Check your email for any updates or changes.